Versuri Allexinno & Mirabela – Loving You

Verse 1:
I know your leaving,
In the morning,
And there’s nothing
I can do, oh no.
Lying in my bed,
Stars upon my head,
Tell the story
Of my bad romance.

Pre chorus:
I run to you,
Babe I cry for you,
And i’m always fighting
For a better love.
I jump to you,
I could die for you,
Would you believe?

Don’t tell me to stop,
Now I can’t stop loving you,
And there’s nothing I can do,
There’s no rain and no sun
Without you.

Verse 2:
I see you look
Into my eyes,
But I want you to look
Inside my heart.
You got the key,
Babe you hold the lock,
And I know you got
The power to stop.

I can’t stop,
I can’t stop,
Loving you.
Oh no, no I can’t stop,
I can’t stop,
Loving you, loving you.

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