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Versuri Tara – Iarna de vis

Iarna asta tu si eu
Ne-o vom aminti mereu
Vreau caldura ta
Sa topeasca iarna
Sa topeasca iarna…

Iarna asta tu si eu
Ne-o vom aminti mereu
Vreau caldura ta
Sa topeasca iarna

Stiu ca vei veni
De Craciun vom … Continua

Versuri The Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom

I had a dream last night
That I was piloting a plane
And all the passengers were drunk and insane
I crash landed in a Louisiana swamp
Shot up a horde of zombies
But I come out on top
What’s … Continua

Versuri Tom Hugo – Open up your eyes

Everybody’s waken up one day
When everything is grey
And everyone’s against you

You don’t see any reason why to smile
Been single for a while
And work is not exiting

Envy your neighbour’s fancy car
Hate the ones that … Continua

Versuri Tulisa – Live Your Life

Live your life,
Live your life,
In the zone,
In the zone.

Show stopping,
Slow thumping,
Do it like a boss tonight,

Some gals droppin’ low,
Take em’ out,
On the kill tonight.

Party into the night,… Continua

Versuri Tacabro – Asi Asi

O o o o
Asi asi
Muevele asi
Asi asi
Me gusta a mi

Asi asi
Me gusta a mi
Asi asi
Pa’ ti, pa’ mi

Tu sabe que yo soy el papi que te gusta
El que te fascina… Continua

Versuri The Mosh – Nu Intreba De Mine

Refren x2:
Cand momentele frumoase sunt asa putine
Atunci o lacrima iti curge si nu te poti abtine,
Te gandesti la trecut cand ei vor sa te combine
Nu-ntreba de mine, du-te, nu-ntreba de mine!

Strofa 1
Ai talentul tau … Continua

Versuri Tinu Veresezan – Suparat

Suparat sunt Doamne iarasi suparat
Mult necaz este in jur, multa minciuna,
Iar se-aduna norii a furtuna.

In viata mea nu-s toate chiar la locul lor,
Dar ceva nu pot uita usor.
In viata mea nu-s toate chiar … Continua

Versuri That’s Right & AmY – Ocean de lacrimi

Dar azi ploua doar pe strada mea
Nimeni nu poate iubirea sa-mi mai dea
Ploua cu lacrimi si fiori
Pe strada mea-s atatia nori

Am sa ma arunc in oceanul lacrimilor
Pe care tu l-ai plans de atata dor
Am … Continua

Versuri The Pretenders – I’ll Stand By You

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now
Don’t be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
’cause I’ve seen the dark side too
When the night falls on … Continua

Versuri Tulisa – Sight of You

Your play is incense turned into uncalled sweats
after all you’ve done, and I’m over you yeah
I know your heart is out the door
Let me grab my feelings from the floor
With everything said, and I’ll get over … Continua

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